W2S2 [ˈspi:kə US -ər] n
1.) someone who makes a formal speech to a group of people
speaker at
the guest speaker at the conference
The keynote speaker (=main or most important speaker) was Robert Venturi, the architect.
after-dinner speaker
(=someone who makes a speech after a formal meal)
2.) someone who speaks a particular language
French-speaker/Spanish-speaker etc
speaker of
Some English words are difficult for speakers of other languages.
a native speaker of Chinese
keyboard, ↑monitor, ↑speaker
3.) the part of a radio, ↑sound system etc where the sound comes out
4.) formal someone who says something
Pay attention to the body language of the speaker.
5.) the Speaker
an official who controls discussions in a parliament
6.) the Speaker of the House
the politician who controls discussions in the House of Representatives in the US Congress

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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